Freedom in R&D

GenRAIT allows you to build and maintain unique workflows. With GenRAIT, you retain your methodologies and we enhance your efficiency. Our platform has essentials for bioinformaticians built-in integrations with:

Our platform is built for biologists with variable proficiency in programming. Import existing workflows, or turn code into automatable, clickable workflows that non-bioinformaticians on your team can use.

Flexible Resource Allocation

Our platform allows you to allocate resources flexibly to improve resource use efficiency and within budgetary constraints. You can decide the computational resources to allocate to getting work done, whether it’s a small task or a huge job.

Easy Collaboration

Share your work easily with your team members and external collaborators. With GenRAIT, teamwork is effortless, efficient, and secure.

Omics Infrastructure for Every Sector

GenRAIT’s commercial and academic clients are using omics data to solve problems in human health, agriculture, and wildlife conservation.


Omics project management and reproducing results can be a nightmare: long term projects are notoriously difficult to collaborate on, with sprawling code, data at various stages of processing, lack of clarity about how data were prepared and processed etc. GenRAIT maintains an activity record so our clients know what code was applied to what data and when, minimizing project archeology and ensuring reproducibility.

Experience the freedom and scalability of GenRAIT