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Taylor Capito

CEO and Founder

Taylor Capito is a passionate and mission-driven founder and CEO with the vision to change and revolutionize how we make use of biological data. Her goal: we all live longer, healthier lives. Taylor has experience working in the fields of cybersecurity, big data, and ML/AI. Her own health journey spearheaded her on the mission to shift the entire life science market by revolutionizing how biological data can be used, accessed, and mined for research.

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Santanu Das, PhD

CTO and Founder

Santanu is a Wizard with a passion for execution. With both technical and leadership skills he turns inchoate dreams and goals into crisp reality. His career literally began with the stars, as he honed his skills at NASA, delving into deep pools of data to further the agency’s missions that aim to further our understanding of the cosmos. Santanu’s details-oriented technical mind is optimized toward anticipating problems as much as it is solving them when they crop up, an essential ability when faced with mission-critical tasks.

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Justin Duplantis


A visionary leader in sales and operations, Justin has a track record of driving triple-digit sales growth through expert project execution, innovative training programs, and strategic talent acquisition in the biotech industry. With nearly two decades of experience in managing large-scale projects and fostering talents for leadership roles, he has been instrumental in scaling companies internationally and positioning them for significant expansion.

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Vinay Abburi

Head of Engineering

Vinay brings over 15 years of experience in Software Engineering and Management. He has a proven track record of scaling Product development teams and fostering a collaborative work environment. He worked at multiple startups prior to Genrait in a variety of domains including Education, Healthcare, Fintech. His interests include travel, mentoring and working with nonprofits / early-stage companies.

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Levi Appenfelder


Levi Appenfelder is a unicorn with a combined background in design, biology, and computer science. He loves helping people and dedicates himself to serving others.

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Marvin Irwin

Senior Engineer

Marvin Irwin is the Head Web Developer at Genrait and has been building complex, stately websites for 7 years. He speedily built functionality and reliability into Genrait’s web platform.


Chris Petros

CMO of Service Titan

Megan Klimen

Co-Founding officer of Filecoin, Founder and former COO of 3Scan

Christopher Bradley

CEO & Co-Founder of Matter Bio

Alexander Ioannidis

Director of Data Science at Galatea Bio, Adjunct Professor at Stanford

Sheila Fusé

Senior VP of Policy and Payment at Navvis Healthcare

Alexander Kharaz

COO of Quality Laboratory Services

Steve Januario

Deputy CIO of